Sunday January 29, 2017 

​​VSA Gold Medals winner Feng Jiang will present at our January meeting on the topic of varnishing.

MVA Meeting
October 29. 12:30 – 5:00 PM
Bloomfield Public Library

David Brownell will present first on making handmade planes for violinmaking. Although many planes are available commercially there are times that making your own plane to fit your specific need or the way you work has many advantages.

The second presentation that will begin at 3:00 will be on focusing on varnish retouch and will feature Matt Noykos and Aubrey Alexander from Grand Rapids Violins.

Matt is known to the group from his excellent presentation last year on preparing fingerboards and set up. He was a foreman in Jerry Pasewicz’s shop Triangle Strings in North Carolina before moving back to Michigan. Aubrey was an instructor at the Violin Making School of American in Salt Lake City before recently joining Grand Rapids Violins.

JULY Newsletter

October 28 October MVA Meeting - Violin and Cello Setup for Sound

2:30 – 6:00 PM


Matt Noykos and Aubrey Alexander will focus on Violin and Cello setup as it relates to improving the sound of an instrument. There will also be musicians there who will play before and after changes in bridge / soundpost adjustment.

The business meeting will begin at 12:30 followed by demonstrations in cutting a bridge and making a soundpost. At 5:00 we will move to a larger performance space to better judge and sound and projection.  

UPCOMING: Events + Meetings


​​MVA Meeting

January 28, 2018

Joseph Curtin Presents Two Seminars:

1)  Application of Acoustics Research for Violin makers 2:00-3:30 PM

2) Learning to Hear the Violin: A Presentation for Musicians and Luthiers
7:30-8:30 PM​

The format of the meeting is unusual, as it will be held at 2 different venues.  

The early presentation will be from 2:00-3:30 and will be held at the Ann Arbor Downtown Library at 343 S 5th Street.  This will be an opportunity for violinmakers to ask questions about how to apply acoustic research to the making of violins and set-up / adjustment.  If you would like you can submit your questions to Peter Lynch ( prior to the meeting the meeting and he will forward them to Joseph to allow him time to make slides if needed.

​The second presentation titled "Learning to Hear the Violin" is geared to both musicians and violinmakers and is co-sponsored by the University of Michigan School of Music. This will take place from 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM* (* this is a time change, originally scheduled for 4:30) and be held on U of M North Campus music school at 1100 Baits Drive in the Watkins Lecture Hall.  

July 28th
Presentation by Antione Nedelec  Varnishing and Antiquing 

Meeting begins at 12:30 and Antione's presentation starts at 1:30.  Meeting to be held at the Pittsfield branch of the Ann Arbor District Library at 2359 Oak valley Drive, Ann Arbor Michigan  

Articles by Davide Sora and David Finck will be included in the July newsletter. Davide Sora is one of the top modern Cremonese makers and he has written an article focusing on his approach to arching. David Finck was already an internationally respected furniture maker who studied under James Krenov before becoming a violinmaker. His article will focus on how his training with Krenov influences his approach to making violin.

January MVA - David Burgess and David Orlin... Violin and Bows

12:30- 5:00
Malletts Creek Branch - Ann Arbor District Library

3090 E Eisenhower Pkwy
Ann Arbor, MI

The January MVA meeting will include presentations by David Burgess and David Orlin (violin and bows respectively).

We will begin with a business meeting.

David Orlin will then present a lecture on bow restoration as well as discussion of some classic historical bows

David Burgess will then demonstrate a jig he made to experimentally vary string angle, downforce on bridge. He will also talk about tuning the rocking frequency of a bridge, including the equipment and software he uses. He will also bring violins by by Roger Hargrave, and Frank Ravatin, (and one of his if available) for viewing

​​​​Sunday July 30, 2017 

MVA July Meeting - Jonathon Price and Rebecca Hunter, Presenters
July 30.10-4:00.Terry Avery's Shop 123
​N. Belle River ave,  Marine City, MI 48039

The July meeting will feature Jonathon Price discussion and demonstration on fitting a violin bassbar and Rebecca Hunter will present on using Alexander Technique / Body Mapping to reduce injuries and working more efficiently at the bench. Jonathan worked at Psariano's Violins and recently ventured out to focus on new making. Rebecca Hunter is a violin soloist and educator who has a specialty as an Andover Educator, applying Body Mapping / alexander techniques to help musicians avoid injury and play more efficiently. She will be applying this knowledge in her presentation to helping makers at the bench.

The early part of the meeting will focus on board elections. Coffee and donuts will be available

April MVA Meeting: Michael Darnton- Reading the Lines of Violins

​Sunday April, 29, 2018
12:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Ann Arbor District Library Malletts Creek Branch
3090 E Eisenhower Pkwy, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108

Michael Darnton (Darnton & Hersch Fine Violins, Chicago) will be presenting lecture/ discussion "Reading the Lines of Violins: Developing a method for observing and understating the lines (f-holes, corners, scroll, etc) of a violin". Michael's 40-year background as a maker, restorer and professional photographer brings a unique perspective to this topic. I have learned from Michael attending 6 years of workshops and can say with certainty this is a presentation that you should not miss.

Following Michael's 12:30 - 2:30 presentation, there will be a business meeting and Ed McCoppin (MCCoppin Violins, Monroe MI) will present on a restoration topic to be determined.

This is a new venue for an MVA meeting, and there is additional parking on the street if the library lot is full. If you are not a member and have already attended a previous meeting (complementary guest), we ask that you join prior to, or at the upcoming meeting. You can join online HERE 

APRIL 28 meeting
Drafting the Violin Outline
12:30 - 5:00

​Where: Traverwood Branch Ann Arbor District Library

This meeting will feature Alex Currin, Lonny Marino and Aubrey Alexander presenting a hands on lecture / demonstration./ workshop on How the Cremenose Masters of the 16th- 18th centuries approached violin Design. The presentation will be bases on work of Francois Denis. Please bring and 18 inch ruler, mechanical drawing pencil and art eraser, and an 18inch beam compass /or compass / divider capable of swinging a similar arc. If you have any extra drafting tools that you are willing to share, feel free to bring them as well.

There will also be a component of the presentation that will focus on using a computer to assist in the design, so for those interested in this aspect, feel free to bring a laptop. The computer part of the workshop will serve the dual purpose of both demonstrating how to access and use the online resources for those interested, and additionally will be used to help participants to see how making small changes to the dimensions / ratios will change the qualities of the instrument. An opportunity to develop the eye and refine the skills of observation.